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AreaRAE Plus/Pro Distributor Course

AreaRAE Plus/Pro Distributor Course

RAE Systems

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Attendees who complete this class and pass the examination at the end will be able to:

 1. Set up and configure an AreaRAE Plus/Pro
 2. Turn on, test and use an AreaRAE to sample for hazardous gases and vapors
 3. Deploy a network of AreaRAE's and use repeaters as needed
 4. Download datalogged data and upload configurations and firmware upgrades using ProRAE Studio 2
 5. Perform User maintenance on the AreaRAE including
    i. Calibrate the monitor
    ii. Conduct standard field diagnostic tests
    iii. Replace sensors, lamp and pump
 6. User ProRAE Guardian Software
 7. Interpret results
 8. Trouble-shoot common problems

Please note that registration is subject to Honeywell approval.